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cyber-urchin is a place of musing and looking, wondering and trans-substantiated sharing. Semi-authored by April Durham, PhD (ABD), it reflects current radicalities in creative and scholarly practice and theory.

April Durham is a PhD candidate in the Comparative Literature Department at the University of California, Riverside. Her work is concerned with complex notions of subjectivity in creative collaborative practice where it emerges as “trans-subjectivity,” a state that goes beyond and exists beside intersubjective, shared experience and understanding.

Her research into New Media objects (like web-based art projects), site-specific art installations and performances, and experimental cinema projects reflects a concern with relational, processual aesthetic practice that eludes fixed categories and final outcomes.

Her creative art practice includes writing, performing, installing, filming, and collaborating. She is a member of Multipoint, an international artists’ research group, and has shown work in Europe, Australia, and the US. Her short fiction and poetry has been published in the US (by Beyond Baroque Books and various journals) and in France (by les éditions joca seria).

She drifts between the edge of the desert with various creatures and the edge of the sea when her partner beckons.


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